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The Sermon on the Mount

Richly coloured stained glass of Jesus speaking to several people
A stylised vision of the Sermon on the Mount.
© R I Kirby / Permitted use

These panels from a stained glass window capture something of the breadth of the message of the Sermon on the Mount, for in it Jesus’ audience includes a saint, a layman, a nobleman, a woman, and children. The window is at St John’s Church, Langrish, Hampshire, UK.

Introducing the Sermon

The Sermon on the Mount packs the core of Jesus’ ethical teaching into one small section of Matthew’s Gospel. His words challenged the world of first century Judaism and, over the past two millennia, have inspired many to live differently. The Sermon on the Mount promotes a way of life that embodies the love of God and touches people with it; that knows the peace of God and helps others to find it; that acknowledges the moral failings of humanity whilst offering solutions to them.

What’s here

Loads to help you climb the mount, sit with Jesus, and to hear the nuances in his sermon:

It features:

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